5 Reasons You Need a Camel

5 Reasons You Need a Camel


If you've been considering owning and buying camels -  we've got your back! In this episode we share all the reasons You need camels in your life.


Maybe you've seen some camels for sale and your tempted to be their new owner or maybe you're in the research phase.


In the below podcast we explain....


5 Reasons Why You Need a Camel:


1. Ecology reasons (camels for weed control etc)

2. For Connection (camels as a pet)

3. Business Ventures (camel business

4. Travel (slow travel camel trekking)

5 Charity/Not-For-Profit (charity camel ideas)


Tune in below to hear the run down on owing camels.



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or watch on YouTube




Camel references mentioned in podcast:


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Camel Trek & Expedition Courses


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