Ask a Camel Vet

Ask a Camel Vet

Hey it’s Tara Here & You’re listening to the Camel Connection podcast where we (myself & Russell, who is also co-host here) help you become more Camel Confident & Connected in camel training, handling, psychology & wellbeing and in this podcast I have a question for you and that is: 


If you found yourself in the same room as a camel vet, not a general practice veterinarian, but a camel vet that dedicates their practice to Camels, what would you ask / pick their brain about in camel care, medicine & health…?


Would you be asking about deworming medicines?

Skin issues your camel’s get every now and then (or has continually!)?

Vaccinations your camel might need?

A certain lump that your camel has had for a while now…?

Minerals & Vitamins your camel needs?

What should you be feeding your overweight camel - OR underweight camel?








Russell & I were reminiscing on a few years ago when we had no one to turn to for good camel health information…


 We had all the above questions and MORE - everyday there seemed to be new questions arise that we weren't 100% certain on. 


So, naturally we turned to the experts: Google & Facebook Groups. 

But we found Googling was extremely confusing (not to mention time consuming) and often hard to read and it was written by scientist and the Facebook groups, well they had so many different opinions it felt really overwhelming to know what was the RIGHT thing to do by and for oue camels (and more often than not, threads seemed like a battle of whose opinion was right and who was wrong -  if you know what i mean!?)


Then enters the “F*ck It” moment when we thought….


“If WE ARE struggling with getting good, reliable camel husbandry, health & vet  info others probably are too OR they just don’t know it yet…!?”


The [camel] world had an issue and we needed to solve it!


In that same moment we decided that we would do whatever  it would take to deliver good, reliable camel information that saves people time, money, heartache & get their camels in the best health ever!


So we started with a small but mighty Academy online, namely the Cameleer Academy, which kinda turned into Netflix for camel owners - Hello CAMELFLIX!


Shortly after we started The Academy we finally found a Camel Vet with incredible camel medicine knowledge that blew us away and it finally felt like the universe was on our side! 


So we invited, said Camel Vet, to join us in our mission to deliver the best camel information possible...And she said “hell yes!” 




Again the question: If you found yourself in the same room as an actual camel vet, what would you ask / pick her brain about camel care, medicine & health…?


 What’s the first thing that comes to mind…?


If you’re thinking, “meah I’ll just ask my local vet who I know and trust” keep in mind that most vets only do minimal study on camels during their training, so relying on your local vet to know all about camels (unless they dedicate a large part of their practice to camels)  is a hard ask and some vets won't even treat camels!


This week we’re hosting a Camel Vet Q&A panel in less than 24 hours with Camel Vet Dr Margie Bale who is ready & loves to answer all your camel health related questions.


This Camel Vet Q&A  is exclusive for members of our Cameleer Academy, so you’ll need to sign up to The Academy before April 29th MIDNIGHT AEST (or 28th in Northern Hempisphere: USA, Europe etc) then you get….


>  A private invitation to join this Camel Vet Q&A video call (don’t worry, it will be recorded if you can’t make the time).


> A  Chance to ask all your Camel Health questions to an experienced Camel Vet (not only now, but for as long as you’re a member!) You can pre-send your questions via email if can’t make it live


> Instant access to our Library of Camel information, video tutorials, eBooks, workshops & so much more. 

Again, you’ll need to sign up to The Academy before April 29th MIDNIGHT AEST (or 28th in Northern Hempisphere: USA, Europe etc) 


Side Note: The cost of becoming a member is just a fraction of the cost of getting a one-on-one consult ($300 +) - consider this a savings of over $263!


Also, you can cancel your membership at any-time, there are no lock-ins etc (but we’re pretty sure you’ll wanna stay!)


You've got nothing to lose and everything ["camel"] to gain head over to to join and we’ll see you in The Academy!


Join the Cameleer Academy HERE





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