Camel Equipment: Camel Spider Harness

There isn't a camel training session that goes by without us using a "spider" (camel harness). It's one of THEmost  important pieces of camel equipment that we have and  if you're doing without it you'll soon learn why you need one (or more) if you've got more than one camel, which you should, because camel's are a herd animal - we write about that here.


Using a 'spider' will benefit your camel training immensely and keep you and your camels safe while doing so. It also encourages good behaviour on the camels part especially when walking in line, camel caravan, camel train or camel string (whichever phrase you use for camel's walking one behind the other). It's also ideal for camel saddle training (which we explain more in video).


In this video you'll learn what a camel spider harness is, it's 3 major uses and exactly why YOU need one as part of our camel equipment.


Video Break Down


0:00 to 5:41:


Part 1: How To Harness up a camel using a spider (harness)


From 5:53


Part 2: Spider Harness Uses covering How To Use, Hitching Camels Together In a String / Caravan & Walking With Camels Safety and using a spider as first step to saddling camels.


Get Cameleering - watch the video below:



Ready to DIY (Make Your Own) Camel Spider Harness for Dromedary Camels? Get the online workshop HERE


Blog: Nose Peg, To Use Or Not To Use


Attention Bactrian Camel Owners: We will be realising a tutorial on Bactrian Camel Spider Harness SOON - stay tuned by subscribing to our email list above.



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