Camel Life Lessons & BIG Changes

Tara Lea Breakup with Russell

There have been some BIG life changes for me, Tara, in the past 6 months and lots of life lessons learnt from my camels.


Although I’m a fairly ‘private’ kinda person (I know, most people laugh when I say that, but there’s a lot more than what you see or hear here), I do want to share with you some BIG changes that have happened the past few months and of course, the life lessons camel’s are continually teaching me.


I also want to share my camels with you, because EVERYTHING (okay, besides chocolate) is better when shared. 


Choose how you want to hear about these big life changes, you can either watch the video and get a camel fix or listen to the podcast episode. 


I appreciate you being here & happy Camel Connecting!








These are strange times we are collectively living in. 


Since the worldwide pandemic began I refused to talk about The ‘C’ word, because I lived in hope that it would be over, sooner rather than later. 


I lived in hope that I could travel internationally doing The Camel things I had organised years in advance.


Many of us are suffering from multiple lockdowns & strict COVID restrictions, but one thing I find brings me back to the present moment, which is all we really have, is my camels.


They bring me back to what really matters - living in the present moment and every day doing ‘something’ towards your goals & dreams in life, even if those dreams & goals have to now include a “COVID friendly” slogan. 


I’ve noticed Camel’s just seem to flow in life. 


They trust that all their needs will be met, but, at the same time they never deny an opportunity to improve their wellbeing, in this case a new fed paddock which I’m preparing for them. 


We can all learn some life lessons from camels, if we’re open to receiving the messages. 


I’m personally a big fan of the spiritual and life teachings animals can teach me. I try to always be in receptive mode. I believe there is always more to life than what we visually see with our eyes.


There have been some BIG life changes for me in the past 6 months….


90% of our camel business is closed due to The COVID situation, and those that are regular watchers here know that Russell was diagnosed with prostate cancer last year, he has now fully recovered. 


You might have noticed Russell missing from these videos & podcasts episodes recently and that’s because we have gone our own separate ways. We are no longer a couple and business partners. I realise this might come as a shock to some of you, but rest assured nothing within Camel Connection is changing much except, it’s just me and my small team of helpers helping educate you about camels.


There is absolutely no need for any sharing of details of Russell & mine separation, it’s a personal situation. A choice that I’m at peace with. If you’re inclined to google “Why Tara & Russell Broke up” you will not find anything directly from us. Anything you hear, see or read will just be rumors.


We do not need any “sorrys” in comments or direct messages & emails. 


It is what it is. I appreciate you caring, but it’s onwards and upwards from here, there’s no point in looking too far behind when the rest of life awaits.


So, Life has been a little intense lately with a relationship breakup, multiple lockdowns and adjusting to single life.


Nothing is easy about it... but the camels inspire me with their “endurance” attitude.

Russell Osborne & Tara Lea break up

When I look at my camels and hang around them they let me draw strength from their energy. 


My camel’s always seem to know when things are “happening” in my life. 


They seem to be even more drawn to me when I greet them and I swear they offer better cuddles & camel kisses to help ease the load when Life is… “Life-ing” me…


I know I am Blessed. 


I feel so blessed to be surrounded by an amazing camel community within The Camel Connection Academy online. If you’re a member of The Academy, know that I’m always thankful for your presence in there. 


I love seeing you active in the forum and talking to you on the monthly camel Q&A calls.


Every day I’m grateful for you and that you allow me to help you learn more about camels, which if you’re not aware of yet… Is kinda a passion of mine.


One thing I know for sure, regardless of life’s curve balls, is that I’m sincerely blessed, which I am grateful for daily.


I recognize my privilege of living rurally - with camels! - so when lockdowns do happen I still have a lot of space, it eases the stress a bit and I hope this video footage of the camels are helping you in one way or another, at the very least acting as a nice distraction from any of life’s stressors.  


I love sharing my camels with you in this way! 


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