Catching Camels & Haltering Camels - How To

Here's a How To video on catching camels as well as haltering camels once they are yarded or in a confined area. 


The MOST important thing you must have between yourself and the camel you are attempting to halter is TRUST


We talk a lot about our Camel Connection Trust Based Camel Training® because it matters more than you might think. It matters that the camel in comfortable with you and you with the camel, it's also safer for camel and handler or cameleer.


Catching and haltering younger or inexperienced camels is very different to this short video tutorial. If you want to learn how to do this on young/un-tammed/inexperienced camels head over to here to learn how to build up a Trust and Bond with the camel before attempting such a thing like haltering.


In this video we show you two ways to catch and halter a camel as well as how to put on a rope camel halter - the style that we use - and how to tie the knots so that they are secure.


We use specially made camel halters or equine (horse) rope halter and attached our own 'nose guards' and marine rope. Check out our DIY workshop on halter making over at our Camel Shop.




Thanks so much for watching! If you have a comment to make or question to ask please comment below.



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