Charity Camel Treks How To Do Your Own

Admittedly, we LIVE for charity camel treks! Between us (Russel & Tara) we've managed to raise over $30,000 for charities that are close to our hearts and we encourage others to do the same, hence this new podcast all about how YOU can do your own charity camel trek.


Although the title suggests that you 'have' to do a trek, we're only using our experiences as an example of what can be possible for you. You don't have to do a trek that takes 2 years (like Russell did), maybe you want something that fits into your lifestyle a bit better without having to quit work, live with camels and trek (although sounds like heaven). Maybe, like Tara, it's more achievable to do a 7 or 10 day trek. Maybe you just want to do a day event that involves your camel and giving to a favourite charity?


Regardless, we can all make this world a slightly better place by giving our time, resources and sharing our camels for a cause that is close to our hearts. 


In this episode of our Camel Connection Podcast we're giving you our most valuable tips on how to do your very own charity camel trek or charity camel event.


Topics Covered:

1. How to make your charity camel event life changing for not only others, but yourself too

2. How to choose a charity (may not be as obvious as you think)

3. Where to start even if you have un-trained camels

4. How to achieve your financial goals for your charity

5. Where to look for advice if planing a charity camel trek and what to watch out for

6. How to know if you're getting the right advice and mentoring (which saves you time and money!)

7. Our #1 tip on planning a charity camel trek

8. And, finally, Russell puts an impromptu 'Challenge' forth to all camel owners and we hope you can join us for it! 


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To see more about our Charity Camel Treks visit: (Tara's)



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