How To Saddle Camel [Video Tutorial]

At a glance you wouldn't think that there was any appropriate place to put a saddle on a dromedary (one humped) camel. We've often wondered who made camel riding a 'thing' in the first place. Camels have a flat spine, but their hump makes for awkward riding without a saddle.


If you're considering riding your camel or are already doing so the most important things you need to know:

1. Is your camel saddle property fitted and sized for your camel(s)?

2. Do you know how to fit and saddle your camel to avoid saddle sores or other discomforts?


If you haven't yet read our post on Camel Saddle Styles and Which One is Right For You head over to have a read about some really important information you should know before buying a camel saddle. We also compare saddle style. Here's the link again.


We're got a Tutorial for you on How to Saddle a Camel with an All Purpose Camel Saddle . We wanted to make sure that any information we put out there about saddling a camel was good information and that it was detailed as the camel's comfort is first an foremost THE most important thing. We've seen too many saddles been Incorrectly fitted, sized and put on a camel only for the owner to wonder why their camel was playing up. The video run time is about 20 mins, but don't fast forward as you'll miss important points.


In the video below we cover all the bases that you need to know to saddle a camel for their comfort, whether you be riding a camel or going on  a camel trek or camel expedition. The All Purpose Camel saddle is as it says - for all purposes.


Watch the video below for our video tutorial on How to Saddle a Camel.


Tell us in the comments below if you found this video helpful - and if you found Queen Sheba just as adorable as we find her!





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