Must Knows For New Camel Owners

Getting new animals to have as pets or working animals or even weed control is always an exciting venture. Maybe You've brought your new camel(s) home with you and very quickly realised, they are not like a horse, a dog or any other animal you've ever had before. Their behavior is beginning to confuse you and you are unsure if what you have done was the right thing to do. 


Perhaps you have bought your camel(s) thinking that you will train them for a reason, ie, to do a trek with them some day, to ride for your own pleasure, to start up a business with camels or even to pull a wagon for the holiday of a lifetime.


You have started to searched around for information and realised that there is very little out there that can help you without wasting a truck load of time!


Sounds familiar?


We know your story very well! 


We hear this all of the time and have been there ourselves many years ago.


So where to next?


If you've already decided that you want to continue with your plans, but are needing the right tools to help you train your camel(s) in a humane manner using the best possible techniques available,'ve reached the right place and have something special for you. We’ve recently launched our new camel training video series for people just like you. We also have a short eBook ‘Introduction to Camel Handling’ that we think you would appreciate. You can get those our ebook by cling image below.


We also have an exclusive service available that involves a professional cameleer and camel trainer to come to you if you just simply dyeing to know more info A-SAP!


During a few days of intensive training, you will learn all of the principals and method Trust Based Camel Training. This method is like no other. There are no inhumane acts of violence upon the camel, in fact, Trust Based Training is directly opposite to "old style" methods of training camels. It is called Trust Based Training for a very good reason. The camel will learn to trust you and you will learn to trust your camel which from our experience, have produced the best, long term, results.


It's all about developing a healthy and respectful connection between you and your camel, to understand your camel and to grow with your camel as further training develops using the specific principles of Trust Based Training.


We’re very passionate about this method of training camels and we’ve included in the training process, elements of effective connection based upon Internationally recognised techniques of animal communication and behaviour.


If you want your camel to grow with you, you and the camel to have a healthy and respectful relationship, want a process of training camels that will last well beyond the week of intensive one on one training and want a method that you can build upon for greater achievements for years to come then Trust Based Training may be just the thing you need!


You can find out more about our Level One, Camelology: Trust Based Camel Handling Course, by clicking HERE





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