Walking Kenya with Camels - Walking Autism with Abby Brooke

You know when you accidentally meet someone who completely inspires you by their work in the world that you think everyone should know about this person? Well, this is what we think of Abby Brooke, who we met 'by accident' on social media. Almost right away, after a little investigation, we invited her onto our podcast to share her interesting, challenging and dedicated story of her struggle with her autism diagnosis and how she's turned her struggle (and her passion for camels) into a way to help support others on this hard journey of being a child with a disability in Africa.


Abby is using her camels and her own two feet to walk to rural parts of Africa to spread awareness, run workshops & supporting those with disabilities, in particular Autism. Stigma and discrimination are high in some areas and attitudes of witchcraft are prevalent. In extreme cases, disabled persons are abused, both physically, sexually and/or murdered, much to say this is a VERY important cause.


It's hard to believe in this 21st century that disabilities in Africa are still quite an untouched subject, more so in the rural, impoverished areas,  where the means of education, support & understanding is rare. Often a child born with disabilities  will not receive any schooling, due to the lack in education on disabled persons, which gives Abby all the reasons in the world to walk with camels who carrying the luggage for easier access to the remote areas, allow better communications (camels make a great talking point) not to mention a wider reach.


Tune in to hear our interview with Abby Brooke from Walking Autism who is using her camels in Africa to spread much needed awareness about Autism. She shares with us why she started this project in the first place (her struggles with being Autistic in Africa), her experiences with camels and the impact she's making thus far.


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